Cllr James King (South Park & Woodhatch)

I grew up in Reigate and live in Hitchings Way with my wife (who works at Dovers Green School), son and daughter. My family live in, and grew up in, South Park and Woodhatch - I briefly played as a youngster with South Park Football Club and have many friends and colleagues in our ward too. I’m very privileged to serve as your councillor and hope to continue.

I am here as your representative on the council, putting forward your views and opinions, and working in the best interests of South Park and Woodhatch residents.

Please get in touch with any questions, requests or suggestions to  make South Park and Woodhatch an even better place to live.

  • Grew up in Reigate
  • Lives in South Park and Woodhatch with wife and family
  • Works locally in Reigate town centre
  • Enjoy running and cycling
  • Volunteers with local scout group


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