Cllr Jamie Paul (Preston)

I’m 25 and I’ve lived in Tadworth and Walton-on-the-Hill all my life, and have seen it expand and change during that time. I know it’s a great place to live with an excellent sense of community and I’m very proud to say I come from this area.

I was educated locally and will always remember swimming at Banstead Leisure Centre – where would we be without these facilities? I was very glad when the Conservative Borough Council decided to invest in the new centre.

I went to university in Egham until 2011 at which point I worked in Epsom and then in London. Last autumn I took the opportunity to travel round the country to see landscapes and regions that I had never seen before.

I’ve been interested in politics for a long time and would love to combine that know-how and my knowledge of the neighbourhood to serve the residents of Preston ward. I am convince that Preston could do even better if was represented within the group which runs the Council, and I am determined to provide this.


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