Cllr Sam Walsh (Association Treasurer & Banstead Village Candidate)

Sam has lived in the village since 1990 and has actively represented residents as one of your Borough Councillors since 2006, contributing to the village as well as more widely serving the Borough, for example until recently as a member of the Raven Housing Trust Board. Sam is very keen and active in protecting the Green Belt which surrounds the village, whilst at the same time improving the local environment for the residents of the ward.  

Sam says “Over 600 residents supported the campaign to protect Croydon Lane from the unwanted cemetery development, which was wholeheartedly refused by the Borough Council, a decision upheld by an inspector on appeal. “With your support, I look forward to continue to work for you, with other Borough Councillors Dr Lynne Hack, Eddy Humphreys and County Councillor Ken Gulati in maintaining Banstead Village the way it is— a friendly, vibrant and great place to live."


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