Cllr Vic Broad (Tadworth & Walton)

This will be the third time that I will have asked you to vote for me as your local Councillor. I do so by asking you to judge me on my record of achievement. Since I was first elected eight years ago, I have progressed to becoming Leader of the Council.

During this time, I was responsible for the finances of the Borough, steering it through the worst financial period this Country has experienced. I delivered 3 zero rate increases, cut £11 million from running costs, cut the staff from 550 to 480, reduced the number of senior managers from 30 to 10 and secured the return of over £15 million that had been locked into the Icelandic bank crisis.

This year, the Local Government Association Peer Review described us as one of the best Councils in the country. We are a Council with sound finances and living within our means. Last year, your Council came second in the National Municipal Awards for financial management and at the time  of writing, we are in the finals for the LGC entrepreneur award.

In addition, I was responsible for putting together the finance for the building of the brand new Tadworth Leisure Centre and securing the Jubilee Woodland land, in perpetuity for the community. Lately, my efforts have been focused on the renovation of Walton pond and the construction of an island to attract swans back to this lovely area.

I hope that you will be satisfied with the work that I have done on your behalf and support me in the forthcoming election.