Jonathan White (Meadvale & St Johns)

Why do I want to be your councillor?

“Our current Conservative councillors work hard and do lot for residents; more Conservatives on the team will mean we can do more and represent you better.” What have I done so far? “Since being selected as the Conservative candidate at the end of 2017 I, along with the local Conservative team, have spoken to hundreds of you during our Saturday morning canvassing sessions and many of you have completed our questionnaire and given your opinions on important local issues.  

“I have carefully read all the questionnaires that were returned and here’s a summary of the results:

► Redhill regeneration - There is overwhelming support for the work the Council has been doing.

► Possible development of Redhill aerodrome - There is some support but there are also many people with reservations.  

► Road maintenance and fixing potholes -  This isn’t something I would have direct influence over if elected to the Borough Council, but I would work with our County Councillors to keep pushing for this area to get its share of the limited highways budget.  Please keep reporting any potholes via!

► Litter - This has been a long standing bugbear of mine, and for many of you as well it seems based on our survey results.” 

About Jonathan:

“I have lived in the Meadvale & St. John’s area for 16 years and Reigate for a further 15. I have run a small business, currently in Redhill town centre, for nearly 25 years. Prior to that, I was a London commuter. “There are many positive things happening in our area at the moment, particularly the regeneration work in Redhill town centre, and I would welcome your support in helping me to join our Conservative Borough and County Councillors as a pro-active representative of the people of Meadvale & St. John’s.” 


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