Roger Newstead (Reigate Hill)

I have been one of the Borough Councillors for Reigate Hill for the past 15 years, during which time I have met many of you personally and have helped a number of you individually on Council related matters.

I have worked with residents' associations within Reigate Hill and with my Borough and County Council colleagues to preserve the character of Reigate Hill in the face of pressure to increase the density of housing and restrict the provision of off-road parking.

I am not against new development but I believe it should be compatible with existing properties and should not lead to on-street parking, which has become a major issue all over Reigate Hill.

Since 2001, I have spent eight years as a member of the Council's Executive – its main policy making committee - and have been Mayor twice. The Borough Council continues to be faced with severe financial pressures, which will force it to make difficult choices and to prioritise. In such circumstances, an experienced Councillor is essential to ensure that Reigate Hill remains one of the most desirable parts of the Borough in which to live and that Reigate itself remains one of the most attractive and successful towns in the London commuter belt.

Let's keep that way. Please vote for me on Thursday 5th May.