Shysta Manzoor (Earlswood & Whitebushes)

Shysta Manzoor lives and grew up in Redhill, and is passionate about community improvement, youth development, improving mental health and equality and diversity. Locally she has helped set up community projects and residents’ groups.

Professionally, she has experience working to improve how the justice system helps families, working with the Ministry of Justice and the President of the Family Division. If she was elected as a councillor she would put her energy and passion into improving Earlswood and helping our local community here.

Shysta says:  "I am an engaging community leader and active Chairwomen for community leadership projects and local groups. I am here to listen to your needs, wishes and feelings and improve our community together. I promise to be your voice at the Council and push for the priorities that matter to you."

  • Educated locally at St Matthew’s Church Nursery and Primary School and Warwick School Secondary School
  • Has unique experience working to improve how the justice system helps families, working with Government Ministers, and the President of the Family Division
  • Passionate about youth development, emotional health and wellbeing 



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