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Sunday, 26 July, 2015

Our summer survey is your apportunity to give us your views on what our local priorities should be.

Monday, 25 May, 2015

On the 7th May voters in the constituency re-elected Crispin Blunt as their Member of Parliament, increasing his majority in the process. At the same time thay also elected a highly experienced and competent team of local Conservative councillors, who will continue their work to improve the lives of the people of Reigate & Banstead.

Monday, 28 April, 2014

Reigate, Redhill and Banstead's Conservatives have unveiled their team of candidates for the local elections on 22nd May, seeking to represent local residents on Reigate & Banstead Borough Council.  A total of 9 existing councillors are seeking re-election, with 3 new candidates seeking to achieve election.

Monday, 14 April, 2014

At Full Council meeting last Thursday evening (10th April) Conservative Council Leader Mrs Joan Spiers announced her intention to step down as Leader of the Council at the end of the municipal year at the 12th June Council meeting.

Thursday, 3 April, 2014

A new Chairman and officer team was elected at our Annual Meeting, held last Friday (28th March).


Friday, 28 March, 2014

At our Annual Meeting held last Friday (28th March) Reigate & Banstead’s local Conservative party elected a new Chairman, Julian Ellacott, and officers.

Wednesday, 20 November, 2013

Following a ballot of all local Conservative Party members, Crispin Blunt MP has been reselected as the Conservative candidate for the 2015 General Election.  This followed an earlier vote of the local Executive which declined to reselect him automatically.

Thursday, 8 November, 2012

Following the news that the proposed merger between Epsom Hospital and Ashford and St Peter's Hospital Trust will not now go ahead, Crispin Blunt, MP for Reigate, called for a review not poisoned by party politics around particular buildings

Police and Crime Commissioners are the democratic link between the police and the public.

They are visible, public figures, elected in the most powerful way possible - at the ballot box - with the mandate to take executive decisions to improve policing in their area.

PCCs help to cut crime by setting the objectives for policing in their area and helping to deliver an effective, efficient police service within the force area by:

  • Holding the chief constable to account for the operational running of the local force. The PCC will hold the chief constable to account, and holds the responsibility and powers to appoint a new chief constable when a vacancy occurs and, where necessary, to dismiss the chief constable and appoint a new one.
  • Setting out the police and crime plan. PCCs are required to publish the Police and Crime Plan for their term, setting out the priorities for policing and crime and what they intend to deliver. They are also required to publish an Annual Report which reports progress on the delivery of the plans. The public use this information to hold the Commissioner to account and to inform their view on the Commissioner’s work.
  • Setting the force budget and precept. PCCs have control of the police force budget. They take decisions on the annual force budget and decide what amount local council tax payers should pay towards local policing through the element of council tax dedicated to policing, known as the precept.
  • Act as a champion for the public and victims. Police and Crime Commissioners will be a strong voice for the victims of crime and the communities they serve. They will be responsible for commissioning local victims’ services and holding the police to account for how the respond to victims’ concerns. They will also liaise directly with communities to ensure that policing reflects the priorities and needs of local people.
  • Cut the cost of policing to increase efficiency. Police and Crime Commissioners have control of the budget and can use their significant powers to drive reform of policing.By holding the chief constable to account for how money is spent, or using their considerable convening power to join up local services, PCCs can drive better effectiveness at lower cost.

To find out more about Police and Crime Commissioners and find your local candidate, visit

There are two things everyone needs to know about Sadiq Khan:

  1. He backed Jeremy Corbyn to be Labour Leader
  2. He says he’d do it again

That’s right: Sadiq Khan backed Jeremy Corbyn to lead his Party – the man who wants to print money to fund more spending, ramp up taxes on working people and abandon our nuclear defences.

And even 5 months into Corbyn’s disastrous leadership of the Labour Party, Sadiq Khan says “I don’t regret it”. (Source: Telegraph 16/1/16)

Everyone needs to know about this. So please share this graphic on Facebook and Twitter to let people know:

Sadiq Khan experimented with Corbyn and wrecked the Labour Party. We can’t let him experiment with the Mayoralty and wreck London – the most important city in the world.

If he’s elected, Sadiq Khan will be Corbyn’s man in City Hall, and will use London as a 4-year test lab for Corbyn’s radical policies. They won’t work, and will result in fewer homes, no improvement to our transport infrastructure and tax rises for Londoners.

In contrast, Zac Goldsmith has an Action Plan for Greater London. He’ll deliver more homes, better transport cleaner air and safer streets. He’ll stand up for Greater London just as he’s stood up for the people Richmond Park and North Kingston as their MP over the last six years.

You can help elect Zac Goldsmith and help London avoid the Khan experiment. Share this graphic on Facebook and Twitter to let everyone know about the risk Corbyn's man poses to our city’s future.