Cllr Michael Blacker (Reigate Central)

Michael Blacker has lived his entire life in the Borough of Reigate & Banstead. He is married, has three daughters and seven grandchildren.  He is a chartered structural engineer and has his own practice, with offices in Reigate.

He has served as a Borough Councillor for 21 years, with planning as one of his special interests. Michael has been a member of the Planning Committee since being elected to represent Reigate Central. 

Michael says, “Planning in a crowded area like Reigate is difficult. The committee has a constant battle to ensure that new developments have adequate parking. Parking is a constant concern for all Councillors and we look forward to the new Reigate & Banstead Development Management Plan, which increases parking requirements for new developments.”

Also, Michael is a member of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee, which monitors the Council’s Executive decisions.

Michael says, “This is an important committee, which includes scrutinising the proposed budget, and I have been a member of the Budget Sub-Committee.”

Michael is also the Chairman of the Reigate Heath Steering Group. 

Michael says, “Since taking over as Chairman of the Steering Group, there have been a number of changes to Council staff responsible for the management of Reigate Heath.  At present, a new manager is being sought and the Steering Group looks forward to a more settled period.”

An active golfer and a keen supporter of all sports, Michael says “I have been supporting the YMCA, acted as a marshal in last year’s Reigate Half Marathon and, as shown by the sporting endeavours of one daughter, who completed the half marathon, and relatives who regularly take part in the Parents and Children 2K runs on Sunday mornings, I shall continue to support all sporting activities - especially those that promote youth involvement.”

Finally, Michael says, “Alongside many Committees, Steering Group and other meetings, workshops, ongoing training and supporting residents and local residents’ associations, these last four years have been the busiest and most rewarding in my council career and, to ensure that Reigate Central continues to be properly looked after by the Council, I am pleased to once again offer the benefit of all my past, present and professional experience and enthusiasm to residents.”


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