Rich Michalowski (Redhill West)

“I was born in Coventry to Polish parents, who were offered a home here at the end of the Second World War - after serving in the Allied forces. I have lived in Redhill and Reigate for 27 years. 
“For some of that time, I commuted to London and around the South East, so appreciate the issues with commuting - be they rail or road. For the last 15 years, I have worked as 'The Local Handyman' and am trusted in the community in the work I do and advice I provide. 
“As I have rented and owned a home in Redhill, I appreciate housing concerns you may have. Also, as a father of three children who grew up here, I fully understand parents' experience of local schools.    

“I'm a strong supporter of local charities and the work they do for vulnerable people. I have enjoyed fundraising/voluntary work for Stripey Stork and YMCA.  
“I have a passion for music and I love going to gigs. I'm learning to play the guitar but need to practice much more, as I truly am a beginner!” 


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